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Jul. 14th, 2010

Updating to avoid the purge..... D:

Epik High

Epik High - 5집 - Pieces, Part One
Release Date:
Sounds Like: Pop, Hip-Hop, Dance(sorta?)
o1. Be (3:33)
o2. Breakdown (3:20)
o3. 서울, 1:13 AM (0:37)
o4. One (3:50)
o5. 연필깎이 (4:02)
o6. Girl (4:45)
o7. Slave (0:48)
o8. The Future (4:01)
o9. 20 Fingers (1:22)
1o. Ignition (4:01)
11. Eight By Eight (4:23)
12. Decalcomanie (3:48)
13. Icarus Walks (1:01)
14. 낙화(落花) (6:25)
15. 우산 (5:01)
16. 당신의 조각들 (6:37)
17. Breakdown (Supreme Mix) (2:35)
18. One (Planet Shiver Remix) (4:24)


Mod Post

My internet keeps dropping so I cant get anything uploaded. I am sorry guys! I will try more later~



1집 - Korean
Release Date:
Sounds Like: Clazziquai
1. 몽상 (3:56)
2. 일탈 (3:32)
3. 믿지 못하겠지만 (3:35)
4. 피아노를 치는남자 (4:10)
5. Different world (4:02)
6. 드디어 너를 벗어나나봐 (3:57)
7. 낯설지 않아 (4:20)
8. 백조의 호수 (3:37)
9. 내 얘기를 들어줘 (3:38)
10. On The Disco Radio (2:55)
11. 왜 그럴까 (2:57)
12. Changeable Love (4:35)

1집 - English
Release Date:
Sounds Like: Clazziquai
1. Daydream (3:57)
2. Stepping to the new world (3:33)
3. No mo cry (4:10)
4. Different world (4:02)
5. I thought that was you (3:57)
6. Sunday morning driver (3:36)
7. Snowing in april (3:37)
8. Thought about you (3:38)
9. Changeable love (4:37)
10. No one else (4:18)
11. Sweet little girl (4:05)
12. On the disco radio (2:55)

Note: I just saw an ad on Cyword about a new album this month, so check back. :D


Love & Pop

1집 - Love & Pop
Release Date: 2005.11.17
Sounds Like: Loveholic. maybe....
o1. 사라질 모든 것과 잊혀질 기억
o2. Night Scene
o3. For You
o4. Falling In Love, Farewell Love
o5. 나른한 오후에 취해
o6. 너를 처음 본 순간
o7. 널 잊으려해도
o8. Light Sleep
o9. Winter In My Mind
10. Into The Memory
11. 잃어버린 기억
12. 처음 마음 그대로
13. On The Bridge


Fortune Cookie

1집 - 행운의 시작
Release Date:
Sounds Like: Clazziquai, Lotsa Robotic Voices
o1. Bubble Jelly Fish
o2. 문워커
o3. 헛소동
o4. 북극의 연인들
o5. Fake Love Song
o6. 모브 송 (Mauve Song)
o7. 시에스타
o8. 꿈
o9. 바람아래
10. 그리고 또 꿈
11. 고양이 소파
12. Fake Love Song (English Ver.)
13. Mellow Walker (Moonwalker Remix Ver.)

2집 - 흰 코끼리 같은 언덕 (Hills Like White Elephants)
Release Date:
Sounds Like: Clazziquai, Robotic Voices
o1. 포츈쿠키 (Fortune Cookie)
o2. 일요일 아침
o3. Moon And Melody (Feat. 각 나그네)
o4. Lonely Hearts Club
o5. 몽유도원가 (夢遊桃源歌)
o6. 흰 코끼리 같은 언덕 (Hills Like White Elephants)
o7. Winter Story
o8. 춘가 (春歌)
o9. Come And Meet My Frequency

Instant Romantic Floor

Instant Romantic Floor, First Album
Release Date: 2007.10.12
Sounds like: Clazziquai, Rap
o1. Elevator Loves Music (Skit)
o2. Bic Vic Party
o3. Twist In My Love
o4. A-ha
o5. 자기 전에 나눈 이야기들 (Skit)
o6. AM5
o7. The Last Waltz
o8. Same Thing (Song For Me)
o9. Waltz Sofa_1f (Skit)
10. Ma All (Feat. J-DOGG)
11. Romantique Summer
12. Love Punch (Uppercut Mix)

Old Fish, First Album
Release Date:
DOWNLOAD 1-10 DOWNLOAD 11-19 (Second album here, by undetectable.)
o1. 1 (Intro)
o2. 뚜뚜뚜
o3. 산들바람을 타고
o4. 보니 (feat.황보라)
o5. 무지개 건너
o6. 청춘 로맨스 (feat.황보라)
o7. 시소
o8. 달님 (remix)
o9. Please (feat.황보라)
10. Oz

Sogyumo Acacia Band, First Album
Release Date:
o1. Hello
o2. So Good Bye
o3. S
o4. In
o5. 뚜뚜뚜 (ddu Ddu Ddu)
o6. 오징어 보트(a Squid Boat)
o7. 랄라라(lalala)
o8. Monkey
o9. Fish
10. Love Is Lie
11. 나비(butterfly)
12. Come Back

Sogyumo Acacia Band, Second Album
Release Date:
o1. 고양이 소야곡
o2. 슬픈 사랑 노래
o3. 오직 지금은 너만
o4. 입술이 달빛
o5. 사랑
o6. 또 돌아보고
o7. 겁쟁이
o8. 두꺼비
o9. 파티
10. 사랑을 하다
11. 사랑 (With Chorus)
12. 두꺼비 (Acoustic Ver.)
13. 입술이 달빛 (Acoustic Ver.)
14. 내 사랑 그대여

Black Beat, First Album
Release Date:
o1. Intro (Can`t You Feel)
o2. The Fan
o3. 날개
o4. Lover
o5. In The Sky
o6. Black Beat
o7. Dangerous
o8. 회상
o9. Y (Tell Me Why)
10. 헤어지기전
11. Shine
12. Night Fever
13. 친구
14. In The Sky (Radio Edited) (Bonus Track)

Minwoo, Third Album
Release Date:
o1. Showdown (feat. 에릭)
o2. THE `M` STYLE (feat. 타블로)
o3. Boy Friend
o4. Stomp (Rap. Dyna-Mic )
o5. La Noche Bonita 19금
o6. AM 07:05
o7. Play My Song (feat.Tiger JK)
o8. 너 뿐이라고… (Untouchable PartⅡ)
o9. Pretty Woman
10. One Last Cry
11. L.O.V.E
12. My Child (98.03.24)


Welcome to kaoru_uploads. This is the uploading community of krissasaur. Basically, I don’t want to upload files and get only 1 or 2 downloads and then have the links die. That isn’t as much fun, is it?

I use MegaUpload.♥ Sorry. I will not upload to other servers.

Feel free to request whatever you want. I prefer uploading full albums. If there is something you are looking for that I do not have, feel free to ask me to find it. I am pretty good when it come to searching for files.
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